Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Who do you believe?

When it comes to news, what are your sources? Newspapers? Radio? Television? Cable News? Magazines? Internet?

Internet as a news source??

But of course, this is the new age. There's piles of stuff out there called "news"... and some of it is true.

But who do you believe?

The talking head sitting behind a desk reading a teleprompter with the half hour of national hits. How about the screaming radio preaching it's take on a story. Newspapers and magazines have lots of facts, but you have to stop what you are doing to read through all those words. And each has it's own slant. Sometimes even editorial agendas.

Or you can get a snippet of the "news" from one of your social network. A video from YouTube emailed to your iPod. Or a text message in real time from your best buddy on a breaking even he captures on his cell phone camera. Or you can stumble onto a website that matches your opinion. Save it as a favorite and go there often to reinforce your beliefs.

So when the news is presented to you.... who do you believe?

An unknown talking head or one of your friends?


john m said...

I trust local over national, and personal over corporate. Credibility comes with time, too... The Richmond Free Press has proven to be a solid local source time and time again, the Richmond Voice not so much.

I'm mostly engaged these days with my neighbors and other folks across the city approaching "what's going on" as an interest or service rather than as a career.

Art said...

It's all spin. There is little honesty or objectivity anywhere. Opinions are like assholes ... everyone has one.