Friday, June 26, 2009

Abnormal Friday

Begins with the usual wake up call to breakfast at seven for oatmeal, soy bacon, water, sliced orange, and instant coffee. Channel 12 is holding on the television so the most professional broadcast is now available. Traffic reports of wrecks on a background of computer generated streets, weather forecasting the incoming heat, sports touting the upcoming metal monster drive fast and turn left and the first round pick of the VCU b-ball play (Yeah us!), and the constant chatter of Farah and Mikey.

Enough of that stuff, out for the morning ride before it gets too hot.

Start at Broad today and work backwards. The quiet-time. Weaving back and forth on familiar roads, passing the removal of the Thomas Jefferson tennis courts that I don’t remember being there when I went to school so many years ago, but we had a tennis team so? Passing by lawn care trailers and the smell of freshly cut yards, waving to the Puritan delivery driver, checking out the young smiling going to work driver, pressing up hills that leave no quarter, checking the glass from an vehicle light that met a bad faith in my path and hoped for the air to stay firm (more to come…), forgetting to number the fewer houses for sale on my journey and many have “pending” or “contract” on the signs giving a feeling that the recession may be changing (at least in this neighborhood), seeing the packing of towels and lawn chairs into the back of black hatch tops, passing a women running with a twin carriage full of babies and a pink plastic helmet riding behind her as a mobile monster approached, the parked earth digger which had closed the street the day before with a crew trying to patch another hole gone wrong, pass Mr. Curley’s car with “I Love Trains” on it, up the final hill and back around to listen to the dirty stories being passed back and forth from ladder climbers.

Two bottles of water and a wet red shirt were consumed.

Decided to do the daily adventures early so a quick wash and change, back on another bike and out the fence, but this would be an ardent adventure.

What’s on the list to do? Cup hooks, check; grocery list, check; and checking on the next series of DVDs.

I decided to go to Barnes and Noble first, since I did not bring the C.A.R.E. packages and had already written the bills, so I skipped the new Pleasants hardware store on Patterson and turned right pass the incomplete real estate snafu Monument Square. Someone is losing his or her shirt on this project.

Going down new street things felt right with broad paved road and bunnies hopping. Then the even pavement changed to grey gravel! (Gravel -The worst fear of a two wheel traveling devise).
Turn on the busy Libbie and ride the block of health care buildings to the entrance. A sharp turn to the right through the smooth even ramp, but something didn’t feel right.

Gliding down the Limit 25MPH smoothness, the ride felt wrong. Pass Pet Smart I could feel the hub of the wheel. “Another flat!”

Climbing off and walking to the lockup spot, I was on a mission and could not be denied.
Once inside the pleasant un-crowded bookstore with Michael Jackson songs wafting though the ceiling speakers, I walked back to the DVD area.

Forgetting to put on my reading glasses, I glared at the rack of television series through the darkness. My quest was to find the complete series of “Dark Shadows”, the original vampire story from the mid-60’s that held every imagination. I had grown up on Frankenstein and Dracula, but never was interested in the TV version, on late night replays of the old classics with Lon Chaney and Bela Lugosi.

After several searches and assistance, there was nothing I could find to satisfied my needs.
Press up the hot pavement to lock around a post and venture into Target in search of cup hooks. I’d already struck out once, so I was wary of the find. Forgetting where the “hardware” section had moved, I wandered through the store; pass people with screaming kids, big boxes, and lost expressions. Aw! “Home Improvement”, that’s what I’m looking for. There was one pre-wrapped package with one hook, and then there was one with two. I was amazed. Maybe I should have gone to Pleasants hardware after all. I thought these things were easy to find, but the grocery store didn’t have them, so I continued my search. Aw!! Gold hooks, copper hooks, and silver hooks in two sizes were found. Oh no, too many choices. Grab the small size and the large size and get to the check out before my luck changes.

The Express Line was empty, including the woman who stared off into the distance not acknowledging my existence or the sound of the hooks on the conveyer belt.
“Oh” she finally turned to her task and slowly rang up the $6.00 purchase.

Next was the walk up Broad Street to cross in lunch hour traffic to the bicycle shop.
Dragging “Big Blue” into the swinging doors and over to the repair area, the young tattooed lads in cargo shorts and dark t-shirts viewed the familiar friend. “Back tire” I pointed and they smiled. We’ve done this dance before.

“Would you like us to put the Teflon tire protection in this time? $7.00 for each tire?”
“Sure, let’s try it again.”

I wondered around the store sweating a sad I could not find “Dark Shadows”. Checking out gloves, bright day-glo yellow jackets like the t-shirt I was wearing, and bags until the repair was complete.

“Throw in a couple of bottles and racks, it’s getting hot out there. And I don’t mind advertising you guys.”

“And we thank you.”

Back on my wheels, the next venture was the Kroger experience. The daily request was for bread, milk, eggs, and beer. The usual request.

Then up the hill, mail the bills, around the video truck looking into the pipes underground, and home.

Phew! This was enough of a day, so it is time to rest and listen to some tunes, but please not the Jacksons.


TripleG said...

We had a flat tire last Saturday, too (a brand new tire, no less), but it wasn't raining or too hot, and we weren't on the highway, so were pretty lucky. Couldn't push the car to Rowlett's, though.

Art said...

Now, now, The Jacksons are fine.

And we marched on the Tennis Courts, until they made 'em red/greem and we were banned.