Saturday, June 27, 2009

Keeping it calm

Summer is here and the excitement of the spring is over. All time has slowed its pace. Three square meals a day including the critter crewe. Afternoons awaiting the mail to be inspected and declared fit to read. Little projects fill the void that was the office. Swat at the mosquitoes and read in the dark.

But it is calm

Inside the DVDs flow from one season to another. Wonderment of a new chapter at a push of the button satisfies immediate satisfaction. Stores of colas, chips and paper towels maintain a balance.

But it is calm

The dog days of summer are supposed to be quiet slow hours of heat and sun. The big projects, painting, organizing, cleaning, building are on hold. The critters are caged or under covers. Cold drinks and fire food supplemented with light shows of sports fill the daze.

But it is calm.

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