Sunday, June 14, 2009

Are there riots in the streets?

The digital TV has come to pass and over two million are not ready, but what of the ones who have cable and dish TV? They are READY.

But what of us with the old analog boxes with wire antennas?

Sure we took the government offer to have discount cards for the mandatory purchase of digital boxes, but I was only allowed two cards and I have four television sets.

So plug them in and test them and rescan the channels and watch the commercials reminding us without cable and dish TV to adjust the antennas.

The day came Friday, June 12, 2009. The old rusty tower rising over the Broad Street station was now silent.

And for us, so was WWBT-12. They have been our source for news for the past decade or more and had passed the entire trial test.

But now it was gone.

So now we have digital. Digital for me is the weak signal that breaks up in storms and heavy winds.

And two remotes, one to turn on the set and the other to turn on the digital box in order to receive a signal from somewhere will not solve the new wave of entertainment.

But there is an OFF button and it works well.

As long as I can receive PBS and “Sunday Morning”, I’ll be fine.

Let the riots in the streets continue and the government will realize that the Iranian elections, North Korean missile firings, and the automotive disaster will not solve the basic need for American’s to sit and eat and stare at a box presenting pictures of comedy, information, sports, and unless messages before the Internet took the attention of the young.

Beware of what you miss and what you have desired.

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