Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It is so quiet out here.

No lawnmowers. No kids screaming. No barking dogs. The infrequent passing car is a dull wisp in the distance.

Just the occasional bird song and the muffled fan creating white noise.

After spending the morning traveling back and forth to the grocery store for litter and avoiding the continuous roaming water system repair crews and their trucks and barricades, I sit with a bottle of water, a book and cool down.

That’s when I notice how quiet it is out here.

On this little plot of land covered in shade of trees grown from sprigs. A little rustle from the dried leaf floor as chipmunks scamper by.

The raining cherry attack has stopped so it is safe to sit next to the pond and watch the reflection of the water on the red maple leafs stretch across the water and watch the shadows move as time moves on.


1 comment:

TripleG said...

"The Master has gone to the mountain to gather herbs. Whereabouts unknown."

You're becoming a venerable Zen sage yourself!