Friday, June 26, 2009

Where are you now?

The trashcan is full of cans of beer piss and newspapers soaking up the constant call.

Spider webs rake the ceiling while smaller bugs swing back and forth.

The fan continues to blow from the left, the evening breeze.

The bulletin board is full of “to-do” list. A calendar, bills to be paid on Friday, 3-d glasses, magnifying glasses and single bicycle gloves to be investigated and maybe order online.

The moth continues to fly about the light. The television has been turned off after “This Old House” relieving the viewer of the icons death toil. There will be more tomorrow.

Today’s accomplishments were to go to the grocery store twice, take an extended ride, read the newspaper, drink beer, eat crappy fried chicken, listen to some self-made music, pound but miss the dreaded moth flying about, stuff some envelopes with gifts for others, contact the unemployment office finally with the required form to get another boost to my checkbook, clean my fingernails, discuss the tax letter saying I’ve paid the taxes, but they were late, but I do not owe any money, even have a .74¢ credit, loved the internet working fine for the first time this week, listening to the nasty conversation of the roof builders on the corner, watching the young girl walking this morning without a smile , listening to the banter of the witches talking about breast feeding and Lady Guinevere riding naked, swatting little bloodsuckers and looking out for grey runners, the night ends with silver bullets, heat, music and insects.

The extra hour rest this morning did not bring relief for this and tomorrow will be hotter.

Is this what life will bring?

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Art said...

Whilst gardening, St. Francis was asked what he would do if he were told that he was to die in an hour.

"Finish weeding the garden" was the reply.

I've always thought that that was the right answer.