Monday, June 1, 2009

Change of Plans

Today's ride started on time, even though I was still drowsy. Perhaps I woke up too fast? Perhaps I enjoying the cool morning? Perhaps it was the two dozen silver bullets last night?

But as I walked to the end of the alley past the wreckage of the previous day with sparks in the air and huge guys cutting up my trees. "We'll drag them into the yard later and cut them up." I thought. That would be the afternoon project.

Looking left I remembered the construction going on Grove.

Change of plans.

I turned and headed north, past two stop lights before the Broad Street.

Turning left on the 3 block roadway, thinking about the unusual street grid in this neighborhood.

The downtown are was the typical grid of horizontal lanes and cross sections, but the Fan spread out this early sub-division of the River City. It pushed roads north, since the south was following the river.

By the time in the mid-forties, passing the railroad tracks, the grid started to break up.

Additional streets like Bromley and Lenord Parkway were put in. They lasted on a few blocks but filled the void so property would not overwhelm the small brick, stucco, and paneled houses.

Change in plans.

Like the pile of bedding, sofas, chairs, and dresses piled in front of one of those brick houses. Pass the church and bunnies it seemed someone had decided they would put all their worldly processions on the street, or at least next to it. There were no signs or human life visible. Just this pile of stuff. I wondered if this was a rental gone bad or a foreclosure. I don't have any idea of the story behind this mess, but I'm glad it is not me. At least, not yet.

I would think whoever bought and used these chairs and tables and sofas and beds purchased them to make life comfortable. I would think they would not move by just piling their belongings on the street. I would think they had a definate course of direction.....

Change in plans.

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