Thursday, October 22, 2009

Amazing Strength

Still at it. Tearing down walls, pulling boards and wall board, avoiding 3" nails, and breathing the dust.

Today's project was to move the deck boards used for shelving outdoors and under a tarp for spring re-purposing.

So sliding the 20 foot board off the braces and sliding it down the wall onto the floor. Then the second one.

Huffing and puffing and weaving and swirling, I moved the board back and forth, up and down, trying not to break a window, figuring out a way to get this long piece of wood out the front door.

Unfortunately there was no way without taking down the wall.

2 x 4 wooden studs nailed to the ceiling, floor, and braced to each other. The wallboard peeled fairly easily and slid to the side, but the bracing would have to be cut.

Stud by stud was cut by a circular saw and piece by piece the wall came down.

Now a 4 foot high structure with wall board on each side, the boards could be raised and slid over the remaining structure which impeded entrance into the living room.

So after a breather and some refreshment, it was time to try and remove these salt treated deck boards from the living room.

Swivel and scrap and push over the remaining wall structure when.....

As I held the awkward bending wood, the four wall boards and 2 x 4 studs decided to relax on top of me.

Again, it was unexpected, but I could brace and hold all the weight.

Now holding a 20 foot board and bracing four wall boards, I decided to slid them to the floor.

With a bang!! they settled blowing up dust and I pushed the board out the front door.

After settling it on the walkway, I went back for the second 20 foot board, but of course it was under all the wall boards.

More lifting and shifting, and the remainders of the studs and wall board leaning up against the window next to the door and a 4" hole in the ceiling.

Tomorrow is taking down the bracing and filling the holes. Then on to the next room.


LoveBug said...

You are strong, my friend! I'm impressed ;-)

Art said...

Forget Ginger... The story of the house that grew like a cancer, and the current treatment to surgically excise the cancer -- there's the book!

Rus Wornom said...

Will you please let me know when you're gonna tackle something big like this one? I should've been there to help! CALL ME!