Monday, October 5, 2009

Some Days Just Don’t Work Out

Everyone has those days.

Mine started last Friday when the Salvation Army called about 4:00 p.m. and said they could not get a driver to pick up my donation and had to reschedule. After waiting all day, I reloaded the boxes back into the house and filled the space until Tuesday.

That took all the projects off for the weekend, so it was football and beer.

So my Monday was free, I decided to renew my almost expired Virginia identification badge and go to the hardware store to replace a drawer knob from a tool case.

Simple right?

Well after my morning ride and newspaper read, I saddled up and peddled for the Department of Motor Vehicles. Locking my two wheels on a bike rack out front, I climbed the steps, filled out the appropriate form, and sat with my number, patiently waiting my turn to get a photo.

I entertained myself with overhearing a young man trying to get a license after getting a ticket. It took several managers to detail the process the DMV goes through and could not change the rules for the growing impatient driver.

Then the call came out from one behind the desk. “If you are waiting for a renewed driver’s license or identification card, the computer software that processes those has gone down throughout the state. You can wait or come back later, but they can not be processed now.”

OK. I took my form and walked out. This project just wasn’t meant today.

So I walked my bike down Broad to Lowes to pay on my card and find some pulls for my drawer toolbox. Simple right? Not so much.

I looked at the wall of pulls and everything was too big. So I asked a smiling employee if there were other knobs and he directed me to another area, but they were still too big.

But I got 12 wooden knobs, with my glass doorknobs, and checked out.

As soon as I filled my bags I remembered I was also going to get some lights, so I returned to the store, found the lights, then checked out again.

Still wondering about the knobs, I decided to got to the next hardware store a block away and try again. I found some brass knobs that were similar at a price of $5.00 each. Then I found porcelain knobs and after some decision and searching found 12 of them.

Once home, I compared the knobs to the tool chest and was not satisfied with any of them.

So tonight, I sit without a renewed ID and missing one knob.

But tomorrow is another day.


TripleG said...

If you had consulted the I Ching first, it would have said, "Forget it, grasshopper. Go back to bed."

Art said...

if you wake up, it's a good day... 'cause knobs is knobs and forms is forms...

Rus Wornom said...

Please do not slob the knob.