Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What about today and tomorrow?

Thoughts of the mid-week continue to follow.

The Army has clean another area. Now it's a decision of major kitchen appliances. Keep them or pass them on?

The wind picked up today. That's a 30 mph wind. It slows you down or speeds you up when you ride two wheels. And you cap needs to be put on backwards to keep from blowing away.
You 4-wheelers have no idea what I'm talking about.

While riding, without ear plugs or ipods, one gets to pass joggers, walkers, and neighbors standing in the street talking to one another. The other day I passed two young women standing next to their mobile machines and the discussion include the phrase, "So I told 'my staff' to ...". I thought about the description of employees or as we tried to make politically correct by call people who were hired and employed by a corporation as "associates". They were not "writers", or "journalist", or "photographers", or "editors", or even "artist"; though we did make some categories like "imagers" from the old "engravers" who created the metal plates, or "paginators" from the old text paste-up staff, but it did not change the value or self worth of each employee. No matter of the name, each felt like a "production worker".
And I never....NEVER....discussed the people who were under my charge as "my staff". Each had a personal name and skill to best utilize the completion of the daily task.

With some old school buddies and lunch I contemplated school and what it meant to me. I was surprised I was the only one of the three who started at the college and finished at the same place, while the others went off in different directions. I remembered my grades were bad, but it kept me out of the military and lucky to continue into playing until a true employment was necessary. I think about the schooling system with their huge yellow buses absorbing their charges to deliver to the absorption rooms of science, math, English, history, and, if lucky, the arts. Also the charges were fed and in this detention center, kept safe until the parents could live their employment and pick up their little people to deliver back to the family. And the school became the second family and taught social skills. Then I pass a woman (I assume a mother) and two small children sitting in front of a house in the neighborhood, reading and asking questions. Home schooling? Interesting in this day and age, and would it work?

Cyclist call climbing mountains as an "attack". Attacking hills prepares the rider to gather the resources to climb the grade with a push of muscle and pedal. I have found it much more enjoyable to attack the hills than coast down the other side.

Some people believe that when the body ceases to function, the mind continues to move on. No one can say for sure, but it is a question to ponder. Others believe that when the body stops, the "being", whatever you call it, turn into butterflies. I've been surrounded by butterflies this fall and pause everything I see one of these fragile creatures. So remember be kind to these angles.

So tomorrow, clean out the plastic pots, cuts down a wall, have lunch with my brother, call the Social Security to make sure the death notification is complete, and call a plumber about installing a new bathroom.

Another full day, in Just Another Life.

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Art said...

I like this one a lot.


1. Drive a 4-wheeler across the Susquehana bridge at 70, with a 50 mph crosswind, and THEN tell me I am not 'touched' by the wind.
2. I speak of Staff, but a. they are "capitalized', 2. they are not "my" staff, and 3. only when there is no name yet set on the assignment
3. Let me know if you need help with the SSA call.