Thursday, October 15, 2009

Its Never Easy

Load out to Salvation Army, then he next day was to replace the toilet, sink and bathtub handles.

Simple. Right?

Well today before the plumber came by, I moved the pre-purchased toilet and sink closer to the bathroom. Then I realized with the hurry to pass the boxes of kitchen stuff to the pickup drivers yesterday, I forgot 3 boxes of books.

It must have been a sign.

A call came from the plumber that they were a head of schedule and could arrive in the raining morning.

Fine. Or not so much.

So the plumber arrives and I show him what needs to be done and he brings me an estimate. A bit higher than I thought, but it needs to be done. So I agree and he goes and gets his tools.

Next step check the pipes and take out the old sink and toilet. Right?

Not so fast. Removing the toilet reveals the sub flooring around the drain pipe is rotten.

So now, the old toilet and sink are out in the backyard and broken to pieces (Ah, that feels good), and there are holes in the wall and floor where they used to rest.

And to top it off, the plumber looked at the handles and pipe fixture to it, then looked through the little door to the shower connections.

Not so fast.

The piping fixture was missing a small plastic piece that stops the handle so that didn't work. Then he checked the connection pipe that runs up to the shower head and worried he may have to pull out the entire plaster wall to make the new connection.

It's never easy or cheap.

So he gave me a small portion bill and promised to have a contractor who can fix the flooring call me.

So no bathroom for awhile. I hope Kroger doesn't mind me bathing in their restroom.

My only cooping mechanism is to realize this is a ONE TIME expense.

Then it's off to the wonders of a new hot water heater and firing up the furnace after 20 years.

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Art said...

Well, remember that you have saved up for a score of years -- you're paying the piper (well, the plumber - and the contractor - and who knows who else) all at once...

Take Maggie up on her offer...