Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another Days Thoughts

Dogs barking as the sun sets.

continuing to bark.

and continue barking.

Full moon waits for the evening hours.

Water and fruit and a 10 mile ride, almost finished before it began.

The usual Saturday.

Young women parading their pride.

Sweaty jogger with a pain on her face. That doesn't look like fun.

Soccer players going to play in a car pool.

Young writer and mom going to the gym.

Stalking cats. Do see their prey, but they might just be playing a cat.

Concentration and calculations. Followed by a white vehicle and gauging the vehicle in front with wings open. Enough space for all to pass, since we will all meet at the same spot at the same time. But what if a body jumps out in the path?

I allow the white vehicle pass so I can ride another day.

Yard sales, quiet gray high school except for it's dragon, and couple playing tennis on the newly paved courts.

Water and old news in the paper.

Then a walk to the hardware store for expandable screws to hopefully hold a clothes hanger and a dish drainer. Pretty darn exciting stuff.

Football, beer, and a hamburger.

The sun burst forth as the afternoon presents the old college and art shop.

15% discount and a ride back home with new drawing board covers.

More football and rice and string beans.

The air is cooler and the body is tired, so the Sooners and Hurricanes will have to wait until tomorrow.

Good night.


TripleG said...

As George said on "Seinfeld," "You're livin' the life!"

Football, rice and string beans...sounds like a good song or autobiography title.

Rus Wornom said...

Is the game repeated on Monday? I missed it! When? What channel?