Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Interesting thought

In the "Non Sequitur" cartoon today there was an interesting statement.

"Stupid is a condition.
Ignorance is a choice."

Another story in the newspaper continues to discuss the 10 year battle over trying to update the technology in the state by outsourcing and the continuing struggle of keeping up with hardware and software without increasing the billion allotted to the task or meeting the deadlines. One director has been fired for suggesting holding payment until the outsource company meets preset goals and conditions of the contract.

And yet the state has hired consultants to suggest it take back the task of updating and installing technology and communication under the commonwealth authority and IT for an additional cost of $400 million in this already over budget down economy.

Is this process and the committees involved "stupid" or are we, a citizens and voters "ignorant" to think we will ever catch up?


Rus Wornom said...

The state committees are too timid and traditional to buck the preordained and expensive system of bidding, winning and ordering. Small businesses are doing it by going to Office Max to get what they need.

Why isn't our government?

TripleG said...

Oooh...I've got a story. Rich. Public Schools used to have facilities at Parker Field, including a warehouse to store mass quantities they bought in order to "save" by buying once a year in bulk. Just imagine the dreadful condition things like masking tape and 35mm film (two things we used in Media Services) were in after being stored in unairconditioned Richmond summers and freezing winters. We'd have to buy them out of our own pockets while everything went to waste. I had to apologize to the head of purchasing for pointing this out.