Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Being A Guy

The ladies can turn this off for they will not understand.

Now guys, do you remember college? For most of us it was the first time of being on our own. Left to our own devices, we had to feed ourselves, cloth ourselves, bath ourselves, find transportation to get from one point to another, and even create a social life.

The rules of the parents were far away and the rules of the college vague enough that they didn't matter. We were FREE to be GUYS!

This is the time you realize what being a GUY is all about. Eating leftover cold pizza for breakfast, wearing the same cloths for several days, not making up the bed, leaving dirty dishes in the sink (my college roommate would be proud), staying up to all hours of the night, drinking beer at 10 AM, listening to whatever music you want, and of course flirting with the ladies.

I seemed to have slipped back into that time. With all the construction, the dust and dirt and spider webs in the corners does not bother me. Planning color schemes and deciding curtains is a far away destination. Shifting between two or three t-shirts and not washing until they are all dirty has become the norm. Shaving only when guest come in from out of town and haircuts are obsolete.

One of the chores of the female persuasion is to change a guy. Smarten us guys up, so we are presentable as the man on her arm. Suits and ties for better employment, smelly lotions and jewelry, and soft music.

And us guys fall for all of that and go right along with it, not because we want to, buy we want the females to like us so they will put out. You guys know what I'm talking about.

Don't get me wrong. Being a GUY is not being a bum. Us guys have some smartness to us. How about the Bill Shakespeare. He could put some good word together and even made us laugh, but I'm not sure about those fluffy pants he wore. And Al Einstein, he was pretty good with numbers and had a bitching haircut.

But I think it is time to shed last weeks socks because my eyes are watering.


Art said...

one of your best!!!

Anonymous said...

Being away at college is the real secret. Commuting from home does nothing (or very little) for your growth. Doing laundry, making your own decisions, experimenting with different foods, meeting people from out of state or country -- all of it makes you expand as a whole. The farther away you go from home, the better.

Anonymous said...

Learning makes a good man better and ill man worse.............................................................

Cheryl said...

Oooooh. Sexyyyyy! Dirty t-shirts and smelly socks! That's livin' it up!