Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Mime Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

For all those with busy families and kids running amuck and constant noise and interruptions until you crash at night, you can turn the page for this is not for you. The rest of you who either live by yourself or have private times when you are alone, this is for you.
When it gets quiet, what does your mind do? If you are worried about a problem or work or some weird health issue, your mind will wander there. If you are trying to make an emotional connection with another, you mind will wander there.
When it gets quiet and you are alone with your thoughts, you mind goes into strange places. At least mine does.
Things that happened years ago come to the surface. People you don’t even remember will come to visit. Visions of sites you are drawn to or afraid of paints a palette on your mind.
I’m sure there are dream therapist or mental psychologist who have volumes of theories on what or when or why we have these thoughts when we are left alone. Sometimes it may be scary and sometimes it may become creative and sometimes it just sooths us into a deep sleep.
Then again, sometimes it just keeps you awake. Even with soothing distractions like the drone of fans or water music, the night can be spent tossing and turning.
Perhaps getting up and running around the block would help? Perhaps warm milk or a nighttime snack would help?
But the thoughts continue to flood the mind with waves of confusion. I can only sleep for a few hours before waking up to dreams that don’t go away. Even multi-tasking like listening to the radio news doesn’t help. The thoughts in the mind override everything else.
This morning was all the guitars set up on the walls around the house. There was paint on the floor. Looking out the window there were three children dressed up as bears and being lead around the yard by a real bear. There are a lot of people in the yard. One old work buddy comes by and wants to ride one of my bicycles. The little house tips because some screws are not tight. Two military types come by. It they ask questions about artwork but it feels threatening.
So I get up and turn on the computer hoping to find something to get my interest but they never go away. Tonight I get to look forward to more bizarre amounts of wonder.
A mime is a terrible thing to waste.

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