Thursday, August 15, 2013

You Know That Feeling?

Just before you wake up, there is a sound or a feeling or something that happens to startle you awake. Today is was four knocks on the front door. I lay still to listen for more in the dark but had to get up to check it out. Who would be knocking on the door at five in the morning? After aimlessly wandering around to hear some other noise, I went back to bed, but not to sleep.
A couple of times a week I get awaken by a noise that isn’t there. One morning I felt a jolt on my pillow, like a cat jumping on my head. I know the sudden awaking, but I have no more cats. Sometimes it is just the house adjusting and sometimes it is a radio that is not on.
When sleep finally brings its darkness and the brain tries to purge the craziness of the day, those bazaar dreams start. So tossing and turning and tearing at the sheets, sweating like it was the dead of summer and shutter awake at the fear of heights follow.
If the spooks come out at night, just learn to dance with the devil.

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