Monday, August 19, 2013

Did I Do That?

Some mornings I just wake up confused. This morning was one of those mornings. Maybe it is the cloudy cool rain or did I stay up too late last night watching football, but my first thought was I should go in and wash the dishes. So standing up, putting on my eyes, I slowly walking into the kitchen to make my cup of coffee and there are the dishes all stacked nice and neat.
Did I do that? I must have because the maid hasn’t been here in years. So I guess I did that last night when I came in. Why don’t I remember it?
I’ve done a lot of things during my existence on this planet. Some have been good and some not so much. There are also lots of things I haven’t done but no regrets. And I didn’t do that.

It is not that I’m losing my memory but these little chores are so infrequent that I wonder why the event of accomplishing a task is not more memorable. I could analyze the timeline and the action taken or ponder the reason why washing the dishes was not more than a simple activity or just wonder.
We spend a lot of our lives wondering. I wonder what I’ll have for lunch? I wonder where I put my keys? I wonder what is on television tonight? I wonder if she likes me? I wonder if I like her? I wonder when my guitar will arrive? I wonder when I’ll decide to take my bike to the shop to fix the tire? I wonder if I had turned left when I turned right?
I wonder what I’ll wake up to tomorrow? I wonder if I’ll wake up?

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Art said...

Sall me stupid, but what does a preggo lady and a baby got to do with da blog?