Thursday, August 8, 2013

Out of Sink

Some days you just know everything is not going to work out right. Today was one of those days.
It is not a bad thing if you realize it early, so just adjust to the pattern. You can make all the plans and try to organize your day, but it just isn’t going to happen.
Traffic cuts off my usual pattern. Old folks at the store stand where I want to be. Take a coupon and forget to use it. Check-out turns into a confusing disaster when the woman in front of you can’t pay for everything she picked up and then has trouble packing away her checkbook and cash and creating quite a fuss.
It is OK. Just realize that your path will be cluttered by nonsense and craziness and today is not the day to try to change a light bulb.  
So did I get the AA batteries at the store I needed? No. Did I take out the trash? No. Did I call back that enticing phone call from last night? No.
On the days, where you are out of sink, you just have to learn to know better.

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