Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thank you for having me

Have you heard this? It seems in interviews there is an introduction and then the subject of the interview and then a thank you by the host or reporter or whoever called up and asked questions. What does the respondent say?
If the conversation has been casual it may be “Sure!” or “No problem!” (My favorite) or “Anytime!” Sometimes it is a mysterious “Thank You!” as if the respondent wants to thank the interviewer for calling.
Recently I’ve been hearing more “Thank You For Having Me!” response. It just caught my ear and I wondered what it really meant. “Thank you for having me
Vocabulary idioms or phrases like these are used when saying good-bye. “Thank you for inviting us” or “I had a great time. Thank you for inviting me” or “It was good talking to you.” I’m no expert in etiquette or proper gratitude expressions, but the phrase of “Thank you for having me” just doesn’t sound right.
Now as I recall, to have, is to own. “I have a lamp” or “I have a cold” or “I have a week of vacation coming up” is the possession of the item. But a conversation “had” between two people? I seem to be having a problem with this “have” word.
Maybe I need to refer “to have and to hold”. Perhaps reconsider what to say after a date?
Thanks for having me.”

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