Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Friend Has A Friend Who Is More Than A Friend

A beautiful Sunday morning with sunshine and a warm cup of coffee after a great night’s sleep. Doesn’t get any better.
The typical morning is to catch up on social media on current events, when I see this family selfie. Along with the family are two friends.
It just struck me strange and I don’t know why.
I’ve known both of these people since high school. One friend married friends of another friend right out of high school. The other friend was my other brother in high school. Lost track of both friends for years until the Internet reconnected us. Both had families and houses and lives and both lost spouses. That is about all I know about them.
Was I jealous? No, not really. Was I envious? Maybe just a bit. Was I happy for them? Absolutely.
Now I am only assuming things because they were together at a recent party and have posted statements on social media that indicate…. But what do I know? I can only speculate.
There are all kinds of friends. There are family friends and best friends and boy/girl friends. There are sports friends and movie friends and foodie friends. There are friends who attended your wedding and there are friends who help you move the body.
Friends come and go and some last forever.
I don’t know much about either of these friends but they still seem good people to me.

So if a friend has another friend who is more than a friend, all the best.


John West said...

Wow, Clyph. Who was your other brother in high school? Yes it me, Mike that sent this.

TripleG said...

When we were young, pairings came and went. These days it's a lot more rare, and we give it a lot more thought. But it's still a wonderful thing.

nimrodstudios said...

Companionship is important to some. Independence is important to others.

TheOtherBrother said...

I'm the other brother, Mike.