Saturday, January 2, 2016

Help Me!

As in a fairly recent post, the term “Help Me!” refers to calling out to someone else who will assist you.
What if there is no one else?
In your final hours with all that science and medical knowledge can provide according to your insurance policy with all your friends and family and wishes and prayers from afar, you can only get so much ‘help’.
So why do we call out for others to ‘help’ us out of our frailties? Why can’t we help ourselves?
Does it always take someone else to show us the way?
Sure our parents are supposed to get us to a point where we can poop without spoiling ourselves and possibility teach us right from wrong but little more. Friends teach us confusing variables and teachers teach infinite possibilities.
No wonder we become so needy for assistance to normally perform basic life skills.
Whatever knowledge or skills or wisdom we can assemble must be used to deal with our life crisis. There are agencies and professions and organizations and mystic Sayers who will offer a prolificacy of solutions and paths for answers, but my question is why?
We come to a path in the road that splits. Which way do we go? Can we alone make a decision and take the chance to believe in ourselves?
“Help Me”

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