Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Going Out At Night

Don’t know what made me do it, but tonight I decided to ride. It is cold and dark but the traffic has thinned from the daytime so I might make my target and back again in one piece. That is the plan.
I can rationalize it was to get enough refreshments for the ‘state of the onion’ speech but that is pretty lame. I just wanted to get another beer.
So out I go into the darkness and the unknown. Though it was a familiar path I could see half of what is there in the sunshine. I hope that I won’t hit a shadow that is really a hole. May the God’s preserve me?
Houses that sit empty during the day are now lit up and mostly upstairs bedrooms. It is not that late but what am I to say?
The flashing lite strobes the way but it is out of habit that I know the path. I make it to my destination without incident and find tomorrows critter grub and tonight’s beverage of choice.
The next goal is to get home safe and sound.
Cold winds are subsiding but the temperature is dropping. Maybe it is the darkness or maybe it is just my toleration to the darkness?
My pony pulls me back into the pasture and there is still a half hour before the speech. I guess I made my journey without an unfortunate incident.
All good.

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