Friday, January 1, 2016

What is the “name” of that play?

Being one who does not associate with groups of people very often, I was a bit apprehensive at the year-end soiree at a friend’s house.
What I didn’t know was it was a play. It had to be because it was just too well written to just be a spontaneous gathering.
As I arrived the usual cast of characters were already on the stage. Some I recognized from previous plays and some were new.
I couldn’t find a program so I don’t know the “name” of this play but it seems to come around about this time of year.
Act One had already started as I found a spot to comfortably observe the action. There were small groups of character all around the stage, each with a different dialogue. Some looked serious but for the most part everyone was smiling. I could not hear all the interactions but noticed the flow of actors changing roles and forming new groups. The spotlight followed the constant attention of two children who could interrupt a scene just by appearing.
Intermission. With the theater become very warm from all the bodies, a trip to the bar and a step outside for a breather.
Act Two. Little did I know the second act would take place on a deck, and it was interactive? The audience and the actors all intermingled and exchanged place. The scripts turned to serious subject of love and relationships to a silly game of ‘Questions and Answers from a Stranger’. The soundtrack was cranked up and everyone started to dance. Perhaps his was a musical instead of a drama?
To my surprise, two of the lead characters were now to appear. And they brought a dog. As one shared good cheer the other introduced herself as “Susan”. Just as quickly, the play became a comedy. Now the stage was filled tight and there were lightning rounds of quips and laughter.
Just as it was getting to a climax it was time for my chariot to take me back to the woods. I didn’t hear any fireworks or see the curtain come down but it was well worth another ticket.
The distant sound of a firecracker and the last bullet, I welcomed another year with an empty chair.

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