Friday, January 22, 2016

So Snow?

Yes my commonwealth of Virginia has turned into a state of emergency all because water is falling from the sky.
Well it is pretty water and there is nothing anyone can do about it but hunker down and enjoy your bread and milk. Oh there is one more thing you can do. Turn off the electronics and stare out the window at what this planet has to offer.
Like an intricate painting it can’t be hurried but can be enjoyed in all of its phases.
Personally I enjoy the snow. It changes the familiar to a winter wonderland. And tomorrow or whenever it stops I can trace the patterns of my yard buddies.
I wish well all those who have to be out in the weather coping with problems. I hope the best for those who must go to work or meet an appointment that has not been cancelled or require medical attention. I feel for those whose only shelter is under a bridge or a tree. I will enjoy the laughter of children and the antics of dogs in the white fluffy playground.
The massive about of food is starting to be cooked and will fill the house with warm smells of a feast that will last forever. Without need to leave the homestead can settle down and enjoy a different sort of day.
Hope everyone remains safe and warm. Enjoy a winter’s weekend with those you can tolerate being cooped up with for days on end.
And it is five o’clock somewhere.

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