Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Where Are My Glasses?

They are not where they are supposed to be. They are not where I normally take them off. They are not any alternate spot I often use. What did I do with my glasses?
I only need a few things but my glasses are one of them. So when I got up early this morning and found them missing I wondered what I would have done with them. The case that is normally my first stop after standing up was open and empty. I went into the other room and they were not located on my printer where I place them when I pull on a sweatshirt. Where could they be?
I wandered around the house looking at normal stops and venturing into unusual places but no glasses found. I shook out the sheets and even opened a drawer trying to retrace my activities of the previous night.
I wore them to the store last night and didn’t change to my sunglasses as I usually do because it was already dark. I changed my clothes and listened to the president’s speech and the rebuttal and adjusted my glasses when I put on my headphones.
I didn’t think I went to bed too late but I did have a few extra beers than usual but don’t remember stumbling back inside. I did sleep a bit later than normal but woke without feeling fuzzy from a overdone night. So where are my glasses?
I have another pair but I had to solve this mystery. I am a devotee of habit and follow the same patterns and movements and paths at about the same time everyday. All the regulars were there. The toothpaste and brush were still in the dirty glass on the sink. The sweatshirt and sweaters were thrown over the chairs in the same places. The shoes and socks were in their appropriate place. So where were my glasses?
It was time to play Sherlock Holmes. Go to the places you would never normally place your glasses. Are they outside and you took them off and forgot? Are they in your pocket and you forgot? Did you not take them off and they were sitting on your face?
What?? Did I sleep wearing my glasses?
I look on the floor and there they are. They must have fallen off as I started snoring. Oh my, I did have a few too many last night?
No breaks or scratches and now I can see my way. The stars are all aligned and everything is back to normal.
Well as normal as I can make it. Mystery solved.

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TripleG said...

If lost glasses are the worst thing you wake up with, you're doing alright.