Friday, January 27, 2017

…and the Winner is….

Who is the Winner? Who is the Loser?
Why do we need this contest?
A winner is the victor, champion, conqueror, vanquisher, hero, medalist, record holder, top dog, world-beater, the best, etc. There is only one #1.
A winner crosses the finish line first and gets his just rewards. A winner lifts more weight or jumps higher or runs faster than anyone else. You can win at athletics or at business or at love (like that is going to happen).
If there is only one winner, everyone else is a loser?
A loser is a person or thing that loses or has lost something, especially a game or contest. A loser is a defeated person, also-ran, or a runner-up. A loser still gets the silver medal, but no one ever remembers second best. A loser is a person who accepts defeat with good or bad grace.
How do we deal with these few winners and all those losers?
The winner of today’s contest will forget that the trophy will rust for another winner next time and another after that. A one-time win will become ancient history and a memory.
Don’t feel so sad, even the ‘losers’ are winners at something.
A loser could be a winner at a perfect attendance or best dressed or a champion at domestic cleaning. These small victories are just as important and valued by everyone. Best scrabble player can out word any old college football lineman even in a letter sweater. A wheelchair bond racer might not win the race but can write and conduct an orchestra to applaud of the masses. The lowly cubical worker doing mundane routine over and over again can write the next top selling novel. A nightly janitorial can put aside some time to create an artistic masterpiece.
There are no losers only winners. One and all.

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