Saturday, January 21, 2017


So the District of Columbia was infiltrated by a bunch of ladies shouting slogans and carrying signs and walking for blocks under scrutiny of news cameras a day after a new president’s inauguration.
What do you think about that?
When you get in trouble or in pain, whom do you call?
She was always there to kiss your boo-boo or help you with your homework or pick you up from school or make your lunch. Maybe she wasn’t June Cleaver or Carol Brady or Morticia Addams, but she was ‘mom’.
My reference was 50’s television where every mom was the same. She was supportive of the children (usually two) and a homemaker and subservient figure to the father, but she was ‘mom’.
Engrained in our social values the stereotype of what a ‘female’ was in our culture. Girls were taught how to wear high heels and tight sweaters to allure a man to marry her. If that didn’t work, they were trained in menial jobs and expected to make the coffee and titty-up around the office.
The feminine persuasion is still considered to be a baby producing machine and little else. After a suffragettes movement the mothers, sisters, aunts, wives and grandmothers were permitted (by the guys) to vote in 1920, but there was still a long way to go.
Still discrimination was rampant, but the ladies stuck with it. Even as the playing field started to level out the inequality in wages, limited reproductive responsibly, or sexual freedom confronts the social consciousness today.
My advice to all your fella’s sitting on that bar stool watching the game and the sleazy demining commercials while flirting with the waitress who is just trying to get enough money to take care of her kid, think about the little woman at home who fixes the washing machine and takes care of the dog and plants the flowers and puts the kids to bed and goes to teacher conferences and hangs on your arm as eye-candy at your office party. 
They move mountains, with or without you, so dudes get with the program and give them some respect.

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TripleG said...

I'm sure you meant "tidy up," but what a great Freudian slip!