Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Loose Screw

Last night walking into the kitchen I noticed something shiny on the floor. I picked it up and it was a little screw.
Where did it come from? It was next to the washer so I checked the obvious places and every hole seemed to be filled.
I checked the refrigerator next and everything seemed it place. I looked around and pondered.
Where did this little screw come from?
It is a small Philips head slot with wood screw helical ridge. It looked like it had something white on its thread so my main suspect was the white washing machine.
Then again maybe it was the stove? I’ve done a lot of cooking being snowbound but the stove is black. Maybe it came off of a pan?
Did I bring this screw in from outside? It had to come from someplace.
Maybe the rotating fan overhead decided to drop a screw just to confuse me? Maybe the replacement window had an extra screw that just appeared from under the leaves being tracked in daily?
I’ll place the little fellow on the windowsill and ponder its existence in my dreams.
Maybe it is a lost sock come back as a screw just to mess up my mind?
Or maybe I just have a screw loose?

1 comment:

TripleG said...

Probably the last thing.