Saturday, January 28, 2017

So Where Did You Come From?

In the continuous effort to organize and de-clutter, I found some mason jars up on a shelf. They had some unknown contents in them and some sticky labels. I really didn’t need any additional food storage containers but these are too nice to just throw away.
Another project to wash out glass jars and restore them in another appropriate place. It sounds so easy but they’ve been soaking in the sink for over a month. The opening was too small for me to stick my big paws in so I had to (had to?) buy another kind of scrubby brush. Then I also had to wash the regular glass and plate I use, so another soaking and some more soap.
Finally last night I scrubbed them out and prepared them for their new home outside. What was I going to do with them out there? I have no idea but a bit more space.
Being so proud of my accomplishment, I pushed on to another project that was moving three rugs upstairs through a narrow stairway. My rule of thumb is “You don’t go up unless you bring something else down”. I had some folding chairs to use with a table bought a few years ago for outside entertaining so I gathered them up and tried not to fall down the steps.
Yet on the third trip upstairs I see a bag full of mason jars. “Where did you come from?” I pondered. Sometimes you move things just to get them out of the way and so that is my logic for this treasure.
Now those jars are sitting in a sink of suds awaiting the next surge of energy to clean them and join them with their friends outside. Maybe I’m just moving space holders?
One of my many other projects was to replace my old straw broom that was outside. I’d gone to the store and all they had were the plastic fiber brooms but I was looking for a straw replacement. I figured I had to go to the hardware store. I was just something that was stuck in the back of my head and when I plopped the folding chairs against this old worn straw broom, it just reminded me again. 
My last trip upstairs moving some cords and banging on the drums and hanging up a jacket and moving some other stuff I see this straw broom. “Where did you come from?”
This is the broom I was looking for and I had it all along. You just don’t know what you will find when you just look around.

It was just another day in just another life.

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