Friday, January 20, 2017


After a long divergent year, the bitterness continues. Fueled by the talking heads and fake news, the flames of contention continue to burn.
What are we so angry about?
Seems every personal opinion has become an ideal with an organization or foundation or movement ferociously attempting to change culture by legality.
The media pounces dissecting and pontificating opinions repeated enough to become truth. Beliefs can be manufactured, just ask advertising.
What do we fear?
Our own ambiguous orthodox can be questioned as false?  Are our core values, our ethics, and our lifelong principles possibly wrong?
Do we lash out with spite full of hatred and bitterness as our defense to possible misguided understanding or examine the logic and consider change?
Forever the cause we do seem to be afraid. Are we afraid of an unknown future? Are we afraid others who may be wrong will change our way of life without our permission?  
The boogeyman is still under your bed so rant your rants and wring your hands and sweat your puddles of fear. Be scared when you look in the mirror.

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