Monday, January 23, 2017


  He is my fiancée.
What does that mean?
  Usually used during an engagement period with two who have promised to marry, but not just yet. It is the purgatory to marriage. It is the waiting line to work out the details.
  The couple who are now more than boyfriend/girlfriend and not quite roommates are emotionally attached to each other but have promised to marry each other rather than shack up for it is the proper thing to do. Also the parents like it better than what youve been doing under the football bleachers.
  What about the betrothed? Usually involves some sort of jewelry better than that high school piece of lead stuffed with wax to fit on her little finger. Precious stones are always good to add some sparkle but means the main event jewelry must bring some major bling.
  This time between just dating to being coupled in matrimony can be a few days or weeks or drag on for months or maybe years. There are lots of details to be worked out.
Introductions and becoming familiar with future family-in-laws and all their particular customs can take time. Partners might like each other but all those other folks might not be as appealing. It is all part of the deal.
This is the time when you really start to find out about the other person. This is for real. You are making a REAL commitment.
While she gets all excited about picking out a dress and flowers and a setting that will be just perfect for the special day, you are wondering if the Beatles or the Stones or even Frank Zappa could be played at the wedding knowing full well that the music will probably turn to wedding planners and the usual Barry Manilow and Michael Jackson.
So both are excited about the upcoming event but somewhat fearful of the consequences. Thanks goodness when you are young, parental authority and testosterones can direct you. 
All the other distractions of human interest must be put aside for there is a marriage to be consummated. Like any contract when signed on the dotted line you must complete the requirements established or face the consequences.
Wear the title “fiancée” with pride for sooner or later it will be Mister and Mrs (not mistress) and all your offspring and you will live happily ever after in marital bliss.
Good luck.

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