Thursday, April 26, 2018

Buried At The Beach

We’ve all done it. It is the beach and you’ve never seen that much sand and during those times when you can’t go back into the water because you have just eaten and your mom says you will get the cramps and your brother says you will be eaten by sharks, you dig.
The beach is the biggest sandbox and stretches as far as the eye can see. Sand is hard to walk in and impossible to run in but it is easy to dig a hole in. Take you little tin bucket and plastic shovel and start digging. (Safety note: do refill your holes so someone doesn’t break a leg or worst – thank you)
Since you can’t run around on the beach without much effort, most like to just sit on a blanket or on one of those aluminum stretch lounges with vinyl weaving and bake in the sunshine to discover what a sunburn is like.
Another pastime to sitting on this yard of sand is to cover up a reclining body. Just take a handful of sand and pour it overtop of whoever is sleeping in the sunshine. Get a few friends and the job of covering up the body can be complete in no time.
The recipient of this game can enjoy the warmth of the sand until it is thick enough to entomb the body restricting movement. At this point it is imperative that someone digs you out before the tide comes in.
Whatever reason to become this vulnerable is beyond question but a good life lesson.

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