Tuesday, April 10, 2018

It’s Complicated

Whatever ‘It’ is, it is not complicated. We have made it complicated.
Stop and think about that.
Take an example of something more familiar. You daughter wants to borrow the car for the weekend. You have decided she is a good driver and responsible to handle the automobile, but there is a problem. The battery is dying and needs to be replaced. Not wanting to worry about the engine dying while she is driving, the car goes into the shop for a replacement battery. While in the shop a few other problems are found. It is your daughter so safety first, but what about the expense? Without additional savings or a credit card how can all the repairs be paid for? There is not enough time for a bank loan so is borrowing from family or friends an option? Do you disappoint your daughter? How do you get the money?
Just to make more drama, your son needs to get to the hockey game. Can your daughter drop him off? Who will bring him back? Could you borrow a neighbor’s car?
Family drama can be complicated.
You are going to propose to another to spend their life with you but you hesitate because it is complicated. Really? You assume the other person likes you and you feel comfortable with them. You spend most of your time thinking about the other person. You buy gifts for the other person to persuade them to like you even more and show your affection for them. (Note: I know ‘them’ should be ‘he or her’ but with all the gender differentiations I’ll keep it as ‘them’). You can find the perfect spot and time to pop the question. You can go out and buy a big chuck of bling for a wad of cash. The complication comes with self-doubt. Are you going to fast? Do they really feel the way they act? Should you try living together for a time before committing your shelter, transportation and bank account to another?
Relationships can be complicated.
Suppose you are about to take a test but are fearful of the results so it becomes complicated. Did you study enough? Did you study the right material? Are you in the right karma to free your thoughts and focus on the questions?
We all have to make decisions. Some are good and some are bad, but that is how we learn. If we wait for the perfect answer, we won’t progress.
Say we take a problem like people immigrating to our country. “It’s complicated” says the news bureaus with interviews from everyone from home security to health specialist to housing to employment to humanitarian to philosophical to religious to ethical, etc. layers will have an opinion on the aspects of a search for new life or an invasion.
Like any other problem seeking a solution, someone has to make a move. Right or wrong, someone had to make a decision. It may not be the most popular decision but life is about flexibility.
Now, that is complicated.

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