Friday, April 27, 2018

Washing a Car

Do you own a car? Then you wash it. It is part of the ritual like aligning the tires, changing the oil and replacing that air freshener hanging on your mirror.
My wheels stay inside and don’t get the TLC they deserve but I remember a time when washing a car was necessary and a chore.
I have purchased a car, even though I don’t drive, and wanted to keep it just spiffy with that new car smell. Every Saturday I’d pull out the hose and fill a bucket and get out the big sponge and splash away until the street was flooded and I was a soaking mess. After it was in a wreck I lost my interest in maintaining my pride possession.
Once I became old enough to handle a sponge, I was assigned the chore of washing the car. I was never taught anything about the process so I just rubbed and scrubbed and hosed everything off until the yellow pollen as on the driveway and not on the hood. Never heard anything about waxing or cleaning the hubcaps so after a good squirt, I was done.
The only plus to me was it was usually hot and washing the car was like taking a refreshing bath. The other thing was you didn’t have to wash the car in the winter.
I don’t see people in the neighborhood washing their cars but now there are drive-thru power hosed locations that, for a price, make your automobile look real fine. Of course there are all those teens trying to raise money who will get wet for your automotive pride.

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