Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Cover Your Tracks

Some say you are not guilty until you are caught.
If you believe that be sure to cover your tracks.
Whether you call it a ‘sin’ or an unfortunate decision,
results may be regrettable or illegal.
The ocean does it every day.
Good lawyers are paid big bucks to avoid cryptanalysis.
Animals will scratch dirt over their indiscretions but it still smells.
Although we try, many of our actions that turned sour, want it to go away.
It doesn’t.
They will haunt you through the years even though you may try to forget, who or what or why.
Dreams are stuck on the bottom of your soul and it won’t scrap off.
That previous knowledge will not forebode your unfortunate behavior on the spur of the moment.
When your remains are dropped in the ground and dirt shoveled over it, your sins will go with you.
Maybe others will remember, but these eternal realities could be
what our religions like to call “hell”.

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