Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Buck for a Smile

"About time for the afternoon break", I yawned. I grabbed my water pewter container and walked to the elevator for the three flight drop to the lunch room.

As I walked to the ice machine I noticed a young oriental girl starring at one of the vending machines. She looked at me with this sad face and turned back to the glass. I looked over and there hung a bag of Raisinets. Just hanging there. She looked at me again.

I put down my mug and confidently walked over to the vending machine. "You can rock these things." I said and rolled up my sleeves. As she stepped back I grabbed the top of the machine and gave it a push. It didn't budge. I tried again with the same results. (They must be making these machine heavier than when I worked for a vending dispenser in my youth.)

Just then a friend walked in. We all stared at the dangling Raisinets. "What do you think Bruce?" I asked my friend. He picked up his foot and started to kick the glass.

"That's OK," I said, " what do you need?" I opened my wallet and handed the girl a dollar. She inserted the limp bill and TWO bags of Raisinets fell. "Yeah!" we all yelled.

She turned to me and said "What's you name? Where do you work?" as an offer to repay me. "I don't work here." I replied still looking at the vending machine. Her face was puzzled as my friend said, " Look at him, do you think we would hire somebody that looked like that?" "I just come her for the food." I playfully commented as I scanned the selection. "I'll pay you back." the confused faced girl said. "No, it's my treat."

In a quick step she gleefully walked from the room, only to turn and say, " You've made me the happiest girl in the world." Then with a big smile, she turned and walk away.

Wow! A buck for a smile. You pay more than that for pole dancers and don't get the same feeling.

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