Monday, July 7, 2008

Where are all the flags?

OK all you American citizens. It's the fourth of July 2008. Where are all the flags?
Don't you remember we are at war. A war against terrorism. A war to protect our freedom from the bad guys who might drop a plane on your head.
So what happened. Where are all those magnetic flags that were on every gas guzzling SUV? Stored in some warehouse after flying off to the side of a highway? There was a great marketing plan.
As a holiday goes, I heard a few fire crackers, saw the bombs bursting in air at the ball park, and saw a few joggers, but very, very few flags. Where are all the patriots?
I did my fair share. I burnt meat on a grill.
But I have not been one to show false patriotism to a government to which I pay a lot of money to keep a standing army to protect me. Of course the government takes a lot of that money for other stuff, not as important. And it's the best we got.
So go out and buy a flag (to help the economy) and wave it for freedom.


Art said...

I have a number of flags and I fly them - but I did not this year because it was raining all day. No political reason (and no microgram needed)

nimrodstudios said...

You've probably have enough flags stored in your head.