Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sleeping in a chair

Saturday, errands, trips to the store, to purchase necessities, ceramic paring knife, "Gone With The Wind" DVD, corn on the cob holders (you always lose one of those each summer), plants, books, litter, "Beatles Vol. 1 & 2" Cd's, bread, peanut butter, the list goes on and on.
Stop at every store for the search of the Chore Buddy (that copper wire scrubbing tool that has become rare with the price of copper soaring), and then to Jim's Deli to eat a sandwich as big as your head.
Really. What were they thinking. A small country could live off this sandwich.
But what made the day special were the castles in the sky. Huge billowing white clouds against a stark cyan blue clear sky. Hundreds of them. Filling the sky with soft ever-changing shapes. Some had grey bottoms. Some would wisp away in the breeze. Layer after layer of these white wonders drifting across the day.
And finally home. Exhaustion. Sports, news, a couple of bottles of Cabernet sauvignon, headphones, music....and then sleeping in a chair.
Only to awake at 4 am. Hat on the floor, glasses on the floor, television on without sound, headphones around my neck, computer on. It's pitch black except for the catoid ray tube reflections.
Straighten up, place your eyes back in the socket, grab a flashlight, and walk up to the back door.
The house is silent except for the whir of the multiple fans and air conditioner. Stretch out on the disheveled bed, wallet and keys still in your pockets, shoes on. Close your eyes.
Beep goes the watch. Light is flickering through the bamboo covered window. 6 am. Another sunrise. Time to start over again.
Just another day in just another life.

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