Thursday, July 17, 2008

Paying Your Bills or Paying Your Dues

We all pay our bills. Otherwise we are out on the street.
We pay in the full payment, minimum payments, just a little, or charge it to another bill.
And the bills keep coming. Water, electricity, gas, food, heat.... all the material necessities we require to live the good life.
And we budget to maintain these necessities in check. And when the bills increase, we worry about our budget. We adjust. And somehow, we luck out and the bills are paid.
Do we do the same thing with our lives?
When a "bill" is due or a crisis arises, do we handle it? Pay it off? Charge it for next time? Take a minimal payment and wait for it to return?
Many of us have paid our dues. Emotional. Physical. Psychological. Mental.
But the bills keep coming. They never go away. They will be there do our graves, and beyond.

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