Monday, July 14, 2008

Bunnies in the yard

It's nice to live in a quiet neighborhood. Particularly if you can have bunnies in the yard.
Tall grass hides in the front of the house acts as a nursery for the little grey ears. And the alley is full of clover, so they run through the yard. Sleep in the bamboo, hop over the skurring chipmunks, white bunny tails in the air.
I don't remember when I started seeing them, a few years ago, but through my travels Saturday, I must have seen 20, 4 in my yard. I would come back from an errand and there at the gate was a little fuzzy face chomping on the clover. It would jump through the pickets and run along the fence, or turn and go into a neighbor's yard. Next trip out, there it was again.
Bunnies don't do much. The eat, sleep and make BB poop. But it does feel like a forest when you have bunnies in the yard.
Of course the forest feeling includes racoons and possums and the occasion fox or deer. Other inhabitants of my neighborhood include big hair man who wears dresses, tall chinese guy with a broken leg and a grocery chart, black man in hairnet and white coat, armless and legless man cutting his grass, crazy eye bike policital fanatic, purple coated old lady with lipstick all over her face,.... the list goes on and on.
Maybe it's not a forest, maybe it's a jungle out there.

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