Saturday, May 14, 2011


We as a species seem to like to make noise. Endless hours of filling the air with sounds seems to be object of our existence here on this planet.

No other creature requires constant communication with one another as we do. And when we can make the noise, we create electronic devices to reproduce sounds and images in our likeness.

We gossip, spread rumors, create sensational events, and pass on history between family generations through word of mouth. So much of the noise is idle chatter with little redemption except to make our opinions heard.

Sometimes the talk is cheap and sometimes it is intimate and thought provoking, but we must continue to pass our thoughts on to others.

And when we stop, do we ever think about what we have just said? Even though you may think you knew what you said, the other person’s interpretation may be different and when shared through those filers to someone else, may become an entirely different story.
Some plan before they speak, examining the thought and the correct response. Each word and sentence is carefully crafted before spoken.

Several days may go by when I do not breathe a syllable into the air, and when I do it is usually to some inanimate object or small woodland creature who only hears Martian gibberish while only recognizing the sound of my voice in relation to being fed.

With that in mind, I now review what I have said in conversations with others who speak the same language. Much like the air in a balloon, the words rush out of me as I describe the mundane existence as if I had to get it all out before our brief time together is over. Solitude will do that to an animal that is used to saying whatever comes to mind without worrying about the consequences.

So, if you talk to me, and I start to go on-and-on about something remotely weird with crazy talk; just tell me to “Shut Up!” I won’t be offended, cause I don’t know no better.

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TripleG said...

Once we took a bus trip to Atlantic City, thinking that might be better than driving past Philly (a torment). Opposite us, a woman talked for the entire three hours without a pause -- it made me long for Philly traffic.
My mother and her sisters talk for hours on the phone every day or to anyone they can victimize, anywhere. It's common for all of us to say the wrong thing occasionally or not comprehend very well, but what is that mental illness which causes people to dominate the environment with their noise? Pervasive insecurity and narcissism blow away the normally learned cultural filters, it seems. With TV and internet at home and speakers blasting everywhere you go, there IS too much noise.