Sunday, May 8, 2011

During It’s Day

It was the best of the best. Super hi-tech. Huge hard drive, big screen, plenty of RAM, and loaded with a ton of the latest software, plus a CD burner and DVD player.


Like most things, it became a problem. Obsolete with slowness on the web, hard to boot up, inadequate memory and slow processing.

After getting the monitor replaced, thanks to cats jumping on it, I decided to use it simply as a word processor. Even that became too much for the old computer to bear.

So after several attempts to bypass error messages and multiple restart efforts and various diagnosis, the only conclusion was “She was gone.”

She had done her duty and entertained the non-technical with all the possibilities of the time, yet I had to decide it was over.

Not knowing what was on the hard drive, even though I do not keep any personal information on the computer, I sat a magnate on the body hoping that might erase any attempt to access whatever was there.

Still unsure that was enough, I went the ultimate route.

A hammer onto the keyboard and everything splintered. Parts of plastic and metal flew thru the air exposing the inner workings of this machine. A few more whacks and it was done.

Goodbye old bud, it was fun while it lasted. You did what you were programmed to do and provided entertainment and comfort for a few years.


Anonymous said...

A Dell? Good riddance. Time for a new Mac Air.

Bruce said...

A Geek (Best Buy) said drill a hole through the hard drive. Now I have two old hard drives with holes. Whopee!