Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Chat Book

Nimrod48: Hey Stinky. I’ve got an idea
StinkyRU: Now what have you come up with?
Nimrod48: UR gonna like this 1.
StinkyRU: Does it involve Florida, sunshine, drinking, and nasty women?
Nimrod48: U wish.
StinkyRU: OK, I give. What do I have to do now?
Nimrod48: What about writing a book in a “chat” format?
StinkyRU: What?
Nimrod48: U No. Just like this. It would be an ongoing chat.
StinkyRU: Why??
Nimrod48: Well, it could be a different format; also a current understood flow of conversation.
StinkyRU: But, it has already been done.
Nimrod48: ?
StinkyRU: “Sleepy n Seattle” was an email communication movie.
Nimrod48: No I’m thinking something else.
StinkyRU: ??
Nimrod48: How about you write it like comments on Facebook.
SkiLite: You know they have already written a movie for this
Nimrod48: ?
DooDooBoy: Yeah, “Sleeping n Seattle” or “When Harry Met Sally” or something like that.
StinkyRU: See!
Nimrod48: Wait a minute. This is a different take.
WeeeGirl: You know they already have a movie like this?
HinDry: Hey, man, what are you talking about?
Goofdog2: I’ve got an idea, what about a chat book?
Nimrod48: There you go.
BrzBrain: What is this guy talking about?
StinkyRU: I think he is off his rocker.
Nimrod48: Wait a minute. Here is the idea.
Goofdog2: I’m waiting?
Nimrod48: What about a book or story in chat form.
WeeeGirl: About what?
Nimrod48: Suppose there was an event?
DooDooBoy: Like what??
StinkyRU: Yeah?
Nimrod48: OK, take UR story about ye ole country vampires and have all the characters talking about them in comment form.
SkiLite: Dude, vampires?
DooDooBoy: I love vampires
Nimrod48: Read some of the comments on sites about Bin Laden
WeeeGirl: What does that have to do with anything?
HinDry: You mean that old guy who knocked down buildings
Nimrod48: Look at all the twist and turns people brought to bear discussing the event!
SkiLite: So?
DooDooBoy: Hey I think I see what he is talking about
HinDry: Dude, fill me n
BrzBrain: Yeah, have all the characters talk about “the event” in a chat.
WeeGirl: Yeah, they could all do their own take on whatever it is
Goofdog2: You mean I could be a star????
BrzBrain: When do I get paid?
SkiLite: Where do the vampires come in?
Nimrod48: It is just a style to tell the story.
StinkRU: It might work if….
HinDry: Dude
DooDooBoy: Each person would have a different point of view
WeeeGirl: And each person would tell the story
HinDry: When do we start?
Nimrod48: What do you think Stinky??

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Anonymous said...

I think you need to look up "epistolary" in your dictionary. Plus, it's a good idea. Needs a story, though. By the way, two of my favorite books are 84 Charing Cross Road and Dracula. Both epistolary.