Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spring Break – Three – Spencer World


After wandering through the burg talking to artist, seeing wonders of creativity, and sipping some bad wine, I move my worldly belongings over to another vehicle. With sweet kisses and hugs and sad goodbyes, I move on to another adventure.

Now with a friend but what a friend from long ago is he, we travel the unknown ribbon of a highway only to get confused by technology. I cannot give directions for I know not where I am.

A period of conversation no one else will ever hear, but it is not the time.

Arriving at the mountain castle, I am assigned a room and we settle down to wine, cheese and puppies
Again, I’m in another’s world observing and adapting to the family dynamic. A few strum on the guitars following presets, but the hour is late.

The next morning brings fresh coffee and Doctor Who?

We tend to assignments of grocery shopping in a different yet similar world of providers of substance.
Again all I can offer is a sharp knife, yet the seafood brings back memories of a beach far away.

Introduced to a young lad named Mike, who may or may not become a member of the family, buy is interested in a lady whose mom is interested in him.

Crossed the line with the mom, but I didn’t know where the line was.

And another family setting, without knowing the family, I participate in a kitchen pre-cook ceremony, bringing back memories of the beach. Oh what a sharp knife can do.

Ah, dinner with critters outside and casual but knowing the limits of the unknown. The dishwasher is as busy here as in the last residence.

The next morning it is easy to get out of the way in a gated community to play an Epi violin bass bottom to the Spencer folk songs.

No revelations except a few from 40 years ago, so coffee, wine, television, album covers and an iPad toy took precedent.

Ordered a tickets online, but you just can’t get good help, when it is printed too small.

A breakfast burrito gets me off to the journey back home (probably the best meal ever). Thank you for a brief experience in the life of an old friend who I don’t know anymore and his wife who is forward, but have had little time to find the level playing field.

Upon arriving at the departure station I see this.

While I wait with the first black people I’ve seen all weekend, I think about sending my uncles’ military information for research and making PDF of CD covers of another project and paint diagram for the hallway for a volunteer weekend.

I’ve observed two family’s interactions as a stranger invading their space and now am heading home.

Once aboard, I settle in to watch NCIS on an IPad (see there is a reason for these things) I am fascinated by the huge wheeled boxes people use to carry their personal belongings in then are so eager to get on or off the transport. What is the hurry?

After miles with a stinky geek coder, a talkative cab delivers me back to dust and dirt call “home”.

The adventure was worth the travel, but it is good to be back to the familiar with a fresh approach.


Art said...

You are welcome anytime. As I recall (through the haze induced by sharing 6 bottles of very good wine), I pushed the wife's buttons, not you! Come back any time, and maybe I'll share more... You are still doing penance for disappearing for 15 years (but you are doing your penance very well). Remember the uncle info. and 'precise' dimensions...

TripleG said...

You had an OOZE! (Out of zipcode experience)