Saturday, March 9, 2013

Best of the Best

Read something about a friend of mine, we’ll call him Andy, but that’s not his name, being the BEST sci-fi writer of all. Now I don’t read sci-fi but I guess Stinky….er ah Andy is the BEST sci-fi writer I know. Then again I don’t know any other sci-fi writers.
I guess we all strive to be the BEST at something. The BEST basketball player in high school, the BEST dressed in your yearbook, the BEST dancer in your prom, or maybe the BEST salesperson.
We hold the BEST to a higher standard. Awards and accolades are presented and displayed by the BEST. The BEST become celebrities and are acknowledged on talk shows.
A sense of superiority accompanies being the BEST. If delusional enough the sense of being Number One can overwhelm the psyche or become an obsession. There is a feeling of pride at being better than anyone else, at least for the moments.
Some of the awards fade fast and there is a new BEST tomorrow. Being the BEST only last until a better, faster, smarter or more powerful comes along. Then you are second BEST.
So you can be the BEST of what you are. The BEST husband/wife, the BEST father/mother, the BEST bottle washer, the BEST grass cutter, the BEST slug on Sunday, the BEST second place finisher, the BEST back scratcher…
Being the BEST or the BEST of the BEST is no more important than being the BEST you can be.

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Anonymous said...

Somebody said Andy was the best at something? But don't you always say it sucks to be Andy???