Sunday, March 3, 2013

Monster Movies

I think I’ve told you about my fascination with 50’s black and white monster movies. It was just what young boys and girls saw in the movie theatres. Yes, there were actually buildings that you had to buy a ticket to see in a dark room with a mass of other children eating popcorn and drinking soda a huge screen full of images of old houses and dark rooms and weird creatures that made us scream and have bad dreams.
It was pretty spooky, but it was what all of us did and could associate to each other with. Did it impede the youth with distorted horror that did or not exist? Perhaps it was a cover for the mass hypnotization for the terror of the red menace.
So why do we invent monsters to create fear? Look at the average television program and watch the panic. If it doesn’t explode in front of you then what is the purpose?
Tonight on the History Channel there is a series about a book full of monsters and saviors. Who will win?

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