Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trimming the Tree

As one of my friends has been writing about his area cutting down trees, the sound of chain saws fill the air. The city has hired an outside contractor to “trim” and grind up the tree in the front of my house. I was forewarned this would take place and will wait to see what the remains are.
They seem fairly confident and have an established name. I have even used them before to remove some of my old trees. Yet the sound is like a dentist office times a rock concert. Feels like nails on the blackboard that never stops.
A little history of this elm would be that when I moved into this abode, the tree was recently planted and was just as tall as I was. Through the years it was watered and cuddled with high grasses, evergreens, and ivy. Squirrels used the crux of the trunk as a nursery.
I’ve appreciated the shade as it has grown. I have sat on the front porch and watched it dance the branches dance in hurricanes. I’ve marvels at the peace it brings on a hot summer night. I’ve fascinated the shadows and reflections this tree has given me during a lonely time. I’ve even fallen asleep under its protective branches. This tree has become my friend and there are strangers cutting it.
Even though, in this town, the trees, bushes, grasses and bushes that are between the sidewalk and the street are officially city property, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to care for them. There are some restrictions about the height of bushes or what type of materials can be placed in this section of land. Years ago a neighbor protested the timbers that we placed in this tiny garden and we removed them. Since then I’ve just let the area grow.
Another feature of this small acreage is this is where the bunnies live. In the spring on a warm evening I can sit on the porch and watch little rabbits come out and play, protected by the greenery around them.
As if knowing their friend was going through surgery the wind has picked up and the sky has turned grey. The critters have all scurried home since they don’t like the noise anymore than I do. My thoughts turned to my wife and what she would have done. She would have been out there screaming at the guys in their hard hats and reflective vest. She would have been calling me at work or calling the police and there would have been a massive amount of tears. I’m glad she doesn’t have to experience this.
Perhaps this will be the spark to get me to do my springtime trimming I need to do in the yard. I’ve had a plan to take out some of the volunteer trees but haven’t used the saw yet.
The yard has changed a lot over the years but this one tree has not changed. Hopefully this haircut will increase its growth and see me thorough to the end.

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