Friday, March 15, 2013

Wanna Do A Do-Over?

In golf it is called a mulligan. Take a big swing and miss the ball. Give yourself another chance and another swing.
Life doesn’t always work that way. We come to a cross in the road. We go left when maybe we should have gone right. There are no take backs.
That is what life is all about. The daily decisions we make can mold the rest of our lives. The decisions can ripple through to others adjusting how they live their lives.
As we grow older and perhaps wiser, we can review some of our decisions and ponder what would have happened if I had studied more in college, if I had taken the job up north, if I had paid more attention to what my parents were saying, if I continued with that band, if I had learn to drive without drinking, if I had told the girl what I felt instead of holding it in, if I had decided to follow the path to normal, or if I had not married?
That long run on sentence is like life. Everyday is an adventure with unknown possibilities and conflicts and decisions to be made. The outside influences of work and family and friends and even world events taint our decisions. A good do over might have been tie-dye.
It is all a learning experience. We can’t go back and have a do over no matter how much we might want to for the clock continues to click. It might be fun to ponder but it will never happen.
Some people say the circle of life isn’t just the day we are born to the day we die. Maybe we do have a chance for a do over?
If we return to this planet as a bug or a bird or a puff of wind or maybe a grain of sand on a distance place we cannot imagine or just a thought, it may be our do over. A dream could be our haunting prison or a chance at a do over.
If we were smart enough or emotional enough or logical enough we wouldn’t have to take the second swing.

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