Sunday, March 10, 2013

It’s All About The Sex

Reading an article about a book on what may have happened when the Neanderthals met the Homo sapiens.
Sounded like an interesting concept but then I started thinking. What would you do if you met an alien?
But what is an alien? An alien is someone or something that is not like me. Someone unfamiliar possibility dangerous or possibility adventurous could be an alien.
Whether this alien comes from outer space or across the border from another land or culture, the first meeting must be exhilarating. A totally different being has entered your familiar surroundings. Now what do you do?
First the decision for safety must be established. If there is a threatening feeling about this alien, our survival instincts kick in and it is decided the alien must be destroyed. It doesn’t matter that the alien may feel just as threatened by us or at lest feel as uncomfortable in the confrontation, the decision, whether by previous activities or bigoted history, has been made.
Second will be communication. We always want to share experiences with another and perhaps wonder at new discoveries from others. Language can turn to hand signs and motions and a smile. If both agree on the symbolism, communication can be shared.
But the most important part of a meeting with an alien is what do we do next?
Now I will take a sidetrack to present another formula. What if this alien is of your species but of a different gender? I know it is getting back to the subject of dating.
What do we do when we meet another? We must immediately decide do we feel threaten and form a defensive position or do we feel empowered over the other being and view it as a meal or are we attracted to the other as a mating partner?
For survival we must find shelter, food and water but sex? As to all species, we are embodied with this sense to have to procreate and continue our existence. Yet our species has the logic/emotion battle to act on this biological mayhem.
Others will say the cuddling of other animals shows the same affection but is it true emotional connection or just foreplay? There are many books and theories about what attracts us to each other but I have my own.
First, it is the attraction. Even when programmed by society to the flick of the hair, the scent, the full lips, the stance, the fashion, we see another and are curious.
Second, curiosity turns to adventure. Can the move be made by one of the participants to start the investigation with the other? This is where it gets interesting. The conversation turns to a list of questions with hopes of finding a coincidental connection.
If alcohol is applied, the answers will get ridiculous with laughter (another subject for another time) and may lead into a debasing and forgettable situation.
Third is the mutual agreement to mate. Depending on the amount of time “dating” and getting to know each other or the immediacy of the moment. Copulation might be for a purpose or a way to fill the time.
Forth, and this is the important part, what happens next? The morning after, as it is called, a commitment is made or denied. If the sex wasn’t that good, move on to another subject. If the sex was worthy of another try and the partner is comfortable enough to spend additional time with, the relationship continues.
As time passes, the alien is no longer an alien. If the fornication turns to a family then another turn in the relationship. If not, then the length of the commitment is the quantity or quality of the sex.
Oh sure, all the analysts will diagnose the quality of a relationship or marriage or whatever keeps a couple together as an emotional connection between partners in life.
But it is all about the sex.

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