Thursday, March 21, 2013


I know I get stuck on this subject a lot. Maybe that is because I have so much to say and no one to talk to.

I was watching this show the other day and kept wondering why each character says, We have to talk.”

Maybe we do HAVE to talk?

The ability to form sounds into words that can be understood by another is one of our key attributes like the opposable thumb. We are trained early in life to change our grunts into utterances that will answer questions and express thoughts, feelings, ideas and just blather.

We express ourselves by the way we talk. We small talk. We talk down. We talk on the phone. We talk back. We pillow talk. We talk turkey. We talk through our hats. We table talk. We even talk to ourselves.

We deliver speeches. We converse at work or an intimate dinner. We gossip when we don’t know the facts. We give lectures by talking. We express and exchange ideas by talking. We even sing by talking to music. We reveal confidential information in whispers. We recite by reading out loud. We expound our feelings. We pontificate our wisdom. We sermonize our faith. We even filibuster to waste time.

We seem to have a lot to talk about. Do we have anything to say?

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